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Why Hire A Freelance Administrative Assistant

Saves Time

freelance administrative assistant saves time
We all have 24 hours in a day. No matter how hard you ­work it’s always 24 hours minus the time spent on your basic needs e.g. eating, sleeping, exercising, picking which clothes to wear J. As a result, building your business will only eat up what little time you have left! The purpose of having a freelance administrative assistant or executive assistant is to help leverage your time so you can get more done in a short period of time.

Saves Money

freelance administrative assistant time is money

Don’t we all agree that time is gold? So when you save time you are actually saving money! Why not delegate most of the tedious work to a freelance administrative assistant so you can focus more on the bigger picture! Stop micromanaging and leave that to the hands of a virtual assistant. If it can be done by someone else, then let them do it. You need to concentrate in pushing your business forward since that’s the hardest part where only a few survive!

Increases Productivity

freelance administrative assistant productivity

Now that you have saved a lot of time and money, your total productivity will skyrocket! All that money you’ve spent having a freelance administrative assistant is worth every penny. No longer do you need to worry about the small things that suck the life out of you. This time, it’s all about pure growth!

An administrative assistant, executive assistant, or office assistant pretty much do the same thing and that is to assist you with those time-consuming tasks. They are pretty much your virtual secretary!

Why Graphic Design is Important

First Impressions

We all know how first impressions last. It’s what makes or breaks your reputation. The first time someone looks at your brand they will judge you by your design. People tend to trust you more if you have a great design.

With graphic design, things get more efficient and interesting

It has been reported that infographics are actually shared and liked 3x more compared to any other type of content. Most people find text boring and would prefer to comprehend visually instead.

Better than words

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s very true! With a great design it will self itself and you no longer need to do much talking. People will associate you with that design. Just look at McDonalds with their big M logo. If you’re hungry, most of the time you’ll know that they are nearby just by looking at their design!

Graphic design is perfect for visual creatures

Finally, love it or hate it human beings are visual animals. According to research, half of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information and the brain can identify images seen as little 13 milliseconds. We love pictures and remember them more than text. 65% of the human population are visual learners! Presentations with visuals are 43% more convincing than those without visuals.

Just imagine the impact you will have with graphic design as your main content. No wonder Instagram is doing so well.

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